Moscow to Khabarovsk Trains


8493 km

1-2 trains
per day

63-120 stops
on the way

Fastest train
5 days 12 hours

Slowest train
6 days 8 hours

Price from
160 USD

From 1 to 2 trains (depending on the day and season) operate on the Moscow to Khabarovsk route daily, both continuing to Vladivostok. The 8493 km route includes anywhere from 63 to 120 stops including Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, and Ulan-Ude, and runs almost the whole length of the Trans-Siberian railway. Depending on the train, it takes 5-6 days to reach Khabarovsk. The trains also run return routes from Khabarovsk to Moscow.

Moscow to Khabarovsk Trains

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Travelers

How long does it take to travel from Moscow to Khabarovsk by train?

The trip from Moscow to Khabarovsk by train takes approximately 6 days. The exact travel time depends on which train you choose.

How do I charge my phone or laptop when I travel from Moscow to Khabarovsk?

Some (but not all) Moscow to Khabarovsk trains have 220V AC sockets next to each passenger’s seat within each cabin. It depends on the train type (firmenny or regular) and the ticket type that you choose. If you travel by train without AC sockets, you may politely ask the train conductor to charge your phone in their cabin.

Can I bring my own food and drinks on board the Moscow to Khabarovsk train?

Yes, you may bring as much food and soft drinks as you’d like with you on board any Moscow to Khabarovsk train. Please note that it’s illegal to drink alcohol in your cabin. You can drink it only in the restaurant car.

Are Russian trains safe?

Russian trains are generally safe. Train corridors are patrolled by conductors and a police officer; train compartments are equipped with locks and also doors can be chained from the inside. When you travel, use common sense, keep your documents and money close to yourself and don't accept alcohol or any drinks from strangers.

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