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We understand that some travel agencies create more problems than they solve. We have helped thousands of people from all over the world purchase their Trans-Siberian railway tickets. Our focus here is on Russian Train Tickets and your travel experience. Take if from our previously satisfied customers:

Great service

I really enjoyed my trip from Ulaanbaatar to Moscow. The staff on board were so friendly and made delicious soup everyday. The 2nd class carriage was comfortable and I was very happy and relaxed.

Okean first class from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk

We used Okean express from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk. It was wonderful experience for us and we enjoyed a lot. The room and service was good and I couldn't forget delicious foods. Not only services on the train, I was moved by breathtaking views from window. I think I am so lucky to find this beautiful trip by Russian railway.

Best priced Transsib tickets

The best and most simple online ticket service for transsibirian railway tickets. I always tried to book trough this company because they have the best prices. It's necessary to mention, that you can buy tickets only 3 days before the train's departure but if you know your schedule they have the best website and best prices. Their whole website is also in English!

Booking through your company made our life easier

Booking through your company made our life easier when organising such a complex trip from our perspective. Communication was excellent and to break the trip into four parts from Beijing/Ulaan Baatar/Urkutsk/Moscow/St Petersburg this was essential. We would recommend tour company.

Unique Experience

Without any doubt this has been one of my greatest experience traveling. The train is geourgeos and the service is just great. It is highly recommended to have this unique experience when traveling from moscow to st Petersburg. I will definitely do it again next time I go back to Moscow.

Trans-Siberian Journey

Thank you for all service conected with my journey. It was a real pleasure to travel with you and I'm more than sure that I will go back to this amazing country soon. I wish you all the best.

Finally, Russia has come into the 21st century

This service is extremely consumer friendly, trustworthy, and super easy. You will be very happy with it. After 25 years of traveling in Russia I could not believe how easy this was. It's great!!!

Moscow to Irkutsk train trip

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Anastasia Tomnikova & the team for organising the best trip for us from Moscow to Irkutsk 17-21st of September. She booked us into a 2 berth cabin on 2nd class, a cabin which we understand is usually only available for railway staff. Having a private cabin made our 4-day journey a really great one! We will of course come back next time I will do the TransSiberian, absolutely loved it!! Thanks again :-)

Would do it with them again

The comunication was effective. We had an e-mail reply after our questions and inquiries. Unfortunately you cannot know the exact price of the tickets until around 6 weeks before the trip. For us one ticket ended up being cheaper than expected but another one ended up being much more expensive. However they write to you to confirm if you still want the ticket or not after the final price. Always very polite and approachable. The trip was unforgettable. Totally recommend

Awesome experience!

It was my first experience in a train and it was a better experience than I expected. It wasn't a 1st class train, maybe it looked old and all, but it was incredible.

Trans-Mongolian trip

I personally just want to say thank you to all your staff along the way from your offices in St. Petersburg and my contact there, Anastasia Tomnikova and to the girls at both Irkutsk and Ulan Bator offices. The trip was fantastic and exceeded all my expectations. We did not encounter one bit of difficulty in booking the trip or on the train itself or your offices along the way. Great service at all times and I need to send a special thanks to Anastasia for being so patient and answering all of my questions before departure. I was also impressed with all of the Russian people we met along our travels that were so helpful to us in guiding and helping us in the Metro and public transport etc. With this approach to your clients you will be a successful organization for a long time going forward.

Overnight train from Moscow to Petersburg

The overnight train schedule from Moscow to St Petersburg is perfect, departing mid night and arrive at 8am in the morning. The 4 bed compartment is comfortable with lots of storage space for luggage. The beddings are clean and tidy. I had a really good night sleep in the train. There are two toilet in each car. The toilet size is reasonably big. The stewardess is very sincere and nice. Good value for money.

Train rides in Russia

The experience was great and very easy! We thoroughly enjoyed our two train rides in Russia and were able to navigate everything just perfectly. Thank you again and we will definitely be returning to your beautiful country and use the train again!

From Vladivostok to Dawlish by train

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services. The service your Company provided was exceptional & I would highly recommend you. I haven't long got back from my Travels. I actually took the Train from Vladivostok to Dawlish, Devon. All in all it was 9,000 miles through 11 countries & it was amazing. I am planning on doing the Trans Mongolian Train next, so will be using your services again.

Solo female traveller on night train

I booked my ticket in advance fro Canada and was pleased to have it with me on my night train trip from St Petersberg to Moscow and back. The ticket you print out at home is ready to go and they also give you a translated itinerary in English which is very helpful. The night train experience was terrific. Clean and safe. I was in an all female cabin that was very comfortable. Yes it costs more to get the ticket in advance but I thought it was worth it.

Strizh is very comfortable and service is absolutely fine!

I have travelled from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod last week with Russian Rail and it was great! Very friendly and welcoming service and comfortable seats and beds to reach Nizhny in relaxed atmosphere. Food was good, newspaper service reminded me about German ICE, a compliment! Although rail tracks are not always the best In Russia, Strizh is so comfortable that it does not matter!

Great service

Russ rail helped me plan and book a rail journey from Beijing to Moscow. They answered any questions without delay and were extremely patient with my very frequent additional questions and a number of changes I had to make before finally booking. It was a great trip - also thanks to the team at Russian Rail!

Great service!

I thank your company's service too for helping me realise my russian trip dream. I had a great time there and I'll go back there again some day if the time and situation allows me to.

Positively surprised

I was totally happy with the booking system: really easy to understand, quick and efficient. I booked a lot in advance and I was told that prices might change by the time of the official booking,... And I was really positively surprised to be reimbursed a part of the price initially paid..It is really honest. Travelling in Russian is always a good experience. Even the ´old' trains are very comfortable, and the bed is very well equipped with soft matras, blankets etc... The two girls working in our wagon were very nice and helpful. Everything was spic and span as they cleaned and hoovered several times. The toilets se very clean and not crowded. The restaurant was clean and offered a large selection of food, cold and hot. At rasonable prices. I spent 26h, resting and watching the landscape..but easily could have stay 24h more.

Good service

Tickets booking so easy and apt. It gives you the exact information about the seats price and train schedule. If you are in Russia and want to book a rail ticket this is the company you shall trust.thank you.

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