Red Arrow train


every day

Travel time
8 hours

650 km

at night

Once the shuttle of choice for Soviet-era elites traveling between Leningrad and Moscow, the Red Arrow is the most famous train on the Russian railways. Though it is the oldest train operating in Russia today, it has been updated multiple times and is one of the most modern trains serving the Moscow – St Petersburg route. The train makes daily overnight runs, traveling with a top speed of 160 km/h and making the trip between the two capitals in 8 hours.

The Red Arrow offers five 2nd Class and 9 1st Class carriages, as well as a single VIP 1st Class carriage. Disabled passengers can ride in a special cabin on the staff carriage. There is also a good-quality dining car on the train.

Passengers in 1st Class receive magazines, bed linens and a hot meal included in the ticket price. The 1st Class cabins have 2 berths. The VIP 1st Class offers the same amenities but include a private toilet and shower in the cabin, requiring the berths to be stacked (1 upper, 1 lower).

A 2nd Class ticket replaces the hot meal with a box lunch, but still includes magazines and bed linens. 2nd Class cabins have 4 berths (2 upper, 2 lower).


Moscow Leningradsky
St. Peterburg Moscovsky
St. Peterburg Moscovsky
Moscow Leningradsky

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