Thanks so much for booking tickets for me on the Trans-Mongolian rail! Your site gave me the best prices, which meant that I could save more money for the rest of my trip, and I found the whole process to be relatively simple and straight-forward. Thanks again!

Catherine Fullarton, Canada

Our visas (letters of invitation) and train tickets, booked through Express to Russia, were processed efficiently and we had no problems when using them (to get our Russian visas and when catching the trains) - The train rides from Helsinki to St Petersburg and then Moscow are fabulous in winter by the way - The letters of invitation were really helpful, particularly as it enabled us to make our own bookings for accommodation (online before) and tours (when in St Petersburg and Moscow), which saved us a lot of money and gave us the flexibility we wanted. Definitely would recommend Express to Russia.

Allister Hill, Australia

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Yuichi Yamamoto, Japan

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Danielle Novack, USA

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Tetrao Tetrix, Czech Republic

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Aileen Zancanaro Carniel, Brazil

You're really good and thank you for the support I received from you.

Aleksander Janik, Poland

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Paal Mork, Norway

Asya, thanks so much for your help in organizing my first trip to Russia and specially St. Petersburg. I loved every moment of it and hope to come back soon.

Maud Dinand, USA

Thanks again for the help with your services! You truly made it an easy process, and with such little time!! I will definitely be using your services in the future!!

Daniel Garcia, USA