Double-Decker train


every day

Trip duration
12.5 hours

793 km

at night

The Moscow to Kazan Train (N 023/024) was introduced in 2015.

Each carriage is equipped with air conditioning and heating systems, energy-saving LED lights, a video surveillance system and 3 WCs at the end of the car. Both 1st and 2nd class tickets are available. 

The first-class carriage can accommodate up to 30 people while the second class car accommodates 64 passengers. Each cabin has 2 AC sockets, a table, a mirror, individual lighting and stairs to climb to the upper berths. Unlike most other Russian trains, there is no luggage storage above the upper berths. Bed linen, a cold meal and drinking water is included in the ticket price. A cabin for disabled passengers and persons accompanying them is equipped in the staff car.  The restaurant car offers a wide range of meals that passengers can purchase with cash or credit card.


Moscow Kazansky
11h 35m
Kazan Passazhirsky
Kazan Passazhirsky
12h 26m
Moscow Kazansky

Get ready to be whisked along on a smooth and magical ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Purchase your ticket safely and securely, then relax and let your train adventure begin!

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