Trains on the Moscow to Vladivostok Route in 2021

Trains on the Moscow to Vladivostok Route in 2021

Which trains serve the Moscow to Vladivostok route?

  • #001/002 Rossiya train: considered one of the best long-distance trains in Russia, the Rossiya train is made up of brand-new second and third class carriages and staffed by English-speaking attendants
  • #061/061 train: this is the fastest way to travel between Moscow and Vladivostok. You can expect a high level of service on board and have the option to stay in a first-class cabin

A journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway is truly the trip of a lifetime. From the comfort of your cabin you can take in the endless pine forests, mighty rivers and rolling plains of the Russian landscape, and stop off at fascinating cities along the way to drink in the local history and culture. Before embarking on this trip you should know about the trains you’ll be riding on, which offer different levels of comfort, services and amenities. So, which trains serve Russia’s longest railway in 2021 and where can you buy Moscow to Vladivostok train tickets?

#001/002 Rossiya train

The legendary Rossiya train is emblazoned with the Russian tricolour and is considered one of the best long-distance trains in Russia. It is a ‘firmenny’ train (branded train) with modern carriages which were introduced last summer, staffed by friendly, English-speaking attendants who ensure that everything is clean and in working order on board. Train #001 departs daily from Vladivostok to Moscow, and train #002 from Moscow to Vladivostok.
When booking Rossiya train tickets you can select from two classes: third class (platskart) and second class (kupé).

  • Second class: cabins sleep four passengers in two upper and two lower bunks. The compartment is equipped with a table, TV and electrical sockets for each passenger, and the ticket includes one cold meal (per journey, not per day), basic toiletries and bed linen. The carriage contains 9 cabins.
  • Third class: the carriage has a dormitory-style arrangement of 54 beds. Nothing is included in the ticket price except for bed linen. There are USB charging ports and plug sockets for each passenger.
  • There is a dining car serving Russian food, where you can eat-in or order meals to your cabin. Alternatively, bring snacks with you. The newest carriages are equipped with a refrigerator and microwave, and passengers also have access to free hot water for making their own coffee, tea, instant noodles etc.
  • Each carriage is equipped with two toilets/washrooms and a hot shower.

#061/062 train

The #061/062 train is a non-‘firmenny’ train, with older rolling stock than its branded counterpart. However it makes fewer stops, travels between Moscow and St Petersburg more quickly and you can still expect a decent service. What’s more, the #061/062 service has first class carriages which are not available on the Rossiya. There are four departures each week in each direction: the #061 train travels from Vladivostok to Moscow, and the #062 in the other direction.
What can you expect in the different carriage classes on the #061/062 train?

  • First class: compartments sleep two passengers on lower berths. The first class ticket includes a meal, wash and travel kit and fresh linen, and access to the on-board entertainment portal which includes Wi-Fi, movies, music, interactive route map and schedule, and an app to order meals from the restaurant car.
  • Second class: four passengers are accommodated in the second class cabin, which is equipped with plug sockets, a table and small TV on newer carriages. Only bed linen is included in the ticket price.
  • Third class: you will sleep in an open-plan carriage. No amenities are included in the ticket price.
  • Each carriage is equipped with two bio-toilets. There are no passenger showers on board, although if you really want to take a shower then you could ask the provodnik to use the shower in the staff cabin (for a small fee!)
    A ticket for a third class or second class ticket on the Rossiya train is around the same price or cheaper than a ticket on the #061/062 train.

The end of Trans-Siberian Railway

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Tips for travelling on Trans-Siberian trains

  • First class is the best option for those who want total privacy during their Trans-Siberian train trip. On trains without first class carriages, travellers have the option to book all four berths in a second class cabin, turning it into their own first class train experience.
  • Second class is the most popular choice among western travellers, who can travel in comfort at a lower price than first class.
  • While third-class is often romanticised as a great way to get acquainted with your fellow passengers, unless you’re a heavy sleeper or a social butterfly who doesn’t mind spending day and night with 53 other people, then second class would be best for you.
  • Choose your berth wisely. If you book a lower berth, then other passengers are entitled to sit there during the day. If you’d prefer to nap or relax without disturbance then an upper berth might be a better choice.

Which Moscow to Vladivostok train should I choose?

Most of our travellers spend no longer than one day and night aboard the train, and we believe this is the best way to do the Trans-Siberian Railway. As gorgeous as the passing landscape is, your trip will be much more interesting if you disembark along the way to explore the gems of Siberia and the Far East. On each leg of your trip you can travel on different trains.
Please remember that regular Moscow to Vladivostok train tickets don’t allow passengers to hop on and off the train at will, and you must buy a separate ticket for each leg. Taking the Trans-Siberian is a large undertaking and planning your trip is serious business, so when it comes to buying your Trans-Siberian train tickets we are here to help. At Trans-Siberian Express we guarantee a safe, secure, and reliable experience on your journey of a lifetime!

Get ready to be whisked along on a smooth and magical ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Purchase your ticket safely and securely, then relax and let your train adventure begin!

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