About Our Travel and Tour Services

Trans-Siberian Express is a division of Express to Russia one of the largest tour operators active on the Russian travel market today. For over 10 years Express to Russia has been helping travelers navigate their way through Russia. We have thousands of satisfied customers, please read our Customer Testimonials. We look forward to serving you and guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience and a journey of a lifetime with us!



Elena graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Economics and Finance with a degree in accounting and auditing. Her experience is well appreciated in our company. She is outgoing and always brings positive energy to the workplace. In her free time, Lena likes to read, travel and meet with friends.


Tourism Director

Elena is a graduate of St. Petersburg University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Although her major was in civil engineering management, from her third year at the University onward, she dedicated herself to tourism. She has worked as an English speaking guide for several years and now considers guiding her hobby. Elena is also interested in art and the culture of other countries - that is why she is currently learning Spanish.


Director, Moscow

Ludmila graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in geography and tourism. She has work experience in different fields of tourism: youth tourism, business travel and outgoing and incoming tourism. But most of all she likes to work with incoming tourists and she is always ready to help them. She likes to meet with friends during the weekend and to discover something new in Moscow and the surrounding areas of the city. And of course she spends all of her free time with her daughter Olivia.


Hotels & Tourism Department

Andrei is a recent graduate of the Saint Petersburg State University, philological faculty (Department of English language and Translation studies).
Andrei speaks English fluently and if you happen to talk to him there hopefully will be no misunderstandings... Andrei also speaks German. He is very interested in developing tourism in Russia and other European countries. He is highly committed and will do his best to help our clients. In his free time Andrei enjoys watching films, driving, playing tennis, football and basketball.


Tourism department specialist, St. Petersburg

Galina graduated from St Petersburg State Engineering Economics University, Tourism faculty. She also worked as a tour guide for several seasons. She likes art, music and travel. She is planning to learn Portuguese and visit Portugal some day soon. Galina is always ready to help and loves working with our clients.


Tourism department specialist, St. Petersburg

Yulia graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with a degree in sociology. With practically 3 languages under the belt it is still her dream to learn a 4th. She wants to step foot on all 6 continents (half way there) and loves her yoga classes. She likes traveling, spending time with friends, visiting museums, theaters and reading classical literature. Very optimistic and full of energy, wants everyone to see how beautiful Russia really is.


Ticket and Visa Specialist

Anastasia was born and grew up in Omsk. She moved to St. Petersburg after graduating from Omsk State Pedagogical University with a degree in pedagogy and linguistics. Having worked as a teacher for a year, she then decided to dedicate herself to tourism. She likes classical literature, music and traveling, especially by train.



Julia was born in Belorezk, a Bashkir city close to Urals. She is now studying at the St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance. Having started to work in our company as a courier Julia was soon promoted to the Accountant position for her responsibility and attentiveness. She is always reserved but friendly and helpful. Julia is fond of music, sport and healthy way of life. She likes going out with her friends.



Sveta is our extremely talented programmer. She brings a great mind and excellent service ethic to our team. Sveta graduated from St. Petersburg State Electrical University with a degree in programming. In her free time Sveta likes to take long walks, listen to music and design her own clothes.


Customer Service Representative

Olga has graduated from St Petersburg State Engineering Economics University with a major in Tourism and Hospitality business studies. She is very fond of traveling and meeting new people. In her free time she likes to ride her bicycle if the weather is nice or share a cup of coffee with friends.

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