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The Russian Railways offers online Lost and Found Service

The Russian Railways offers online Lost and Found Service

The Lost and Found Service has been launched on 5th of March 2019. All passengers of the Long-distance trains with managing company AO "FPK" can use this service on the official website of the Russian Railways.

On the monthly basis employees of the AO "FPK" process 1500 requests for the lost items. The new service, which operates by a principle of the "one-window" would allow easing the procedure process.

In order to inform the company regarding lost items, the passenger will have to fill the e-form in the "Passenger" section of the website ( In the form, you will need to provide the name, the ticket number, phone number, email, and 4 last digits of the traveling document used for the ticket's purchase (Id card number, Passport number). In addition, you will need to leave a detailed description of the lost item and indicate the area of the train, where the item has been left.

After the request has been processed, the passenger is asked to identify his/her items by photos. The passenger will be informed regarding the search results of the lost items.

Please be informed that you can use this service within 30 days from the beginning of the trip.

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