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The pet transport service in now available in 226 Russian trains

The pet transport service in now available in 226 Russian trains

The Federal Passenger Company JSC (a subsidiary of Russian Railways) has increased the list of trains with a pet transport service. It provides a possibility to transport a pet unaccompanied in the luggage compartment.

The service is available in 226 long-distance trains across the Russian Federation. Initially, the pet transport service in the luggage compartment has been launched on 16th of July 2018 in 13 trains operated by the Russian Railways. Since then the service has been used 200 times.

The transportation is arranged in the special luggage class. Prior to the ticket's purchase, the sender would need to fill an application and enter the information regarding the sender and deliverer of the transported pet, as well as other required information. The price of the ticket for an animal varies depending on the duration of the journey.

Dogs, cats, birds and other small warm-blooded animals (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits), as well as turtles, are allowed for transportation. Animals that may threaten the life and health of passengers and workers of the carrier are not allowed. Animals are accepted for transportation in cages (containers). Along with the pet, the sender can send accompanying documents in an envelope, a water bottle with water, a feeding, one toy, an absorbent to maintain proper hygiene in a cage. The condition of the animals will be checked by the conductor throughout the journey.

One sender can book not more than three places (cages, containers) for animals' transportation, which, by the sum of three dimensions of each place, do not exceed 180 cm. In each cage or container, no more than two pets can be transported. The weight of each cage together with the animal should not exceed 75 kg.

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