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The modernized Platzkart carriage is planned to be tested by the end of 2019

The modernized Platzkart carriage is planned to be tested by the end of 2019

According to the press-service of the Federal Passenger Company, the first updated Platzkart (3rd class) carriage has been released at the Tambov plant.

The modernized version of the cheapest class carriage has included the upgrade of the sleeping spaces, lighting and charging slots. The sleeping berths have been increased both in length and width and supplemented with neck cushion. Each sleeping place is equipped with individual lighting, electric slot, an USB-port. The furnishing fabric is produced from wear and fireproof fibers. The upper berths with the upgraded version will have an additional table.

The carriage hallway now would have a water-cleaning filter with warming-up and cooling-down function. The sensor panel would allow passengers to browse the train's schedule, order tickets and familiarize themselves with the menu of the restaurant carriage.

The advantage of the project is that such carriages are possible not only to construct from a scratch but also to modernize current carriages during the renovation.

Currently, the Kazansky train station in Moscow hosts an exposition with the mock-up of the modernized carriage. The Muscovites and visitors of the capital are able to leave their comments and reviews regarding the project. Their opinion will influence the future development of the project. The voting will last till the 10th of February.

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