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The first cargo train from China has arrived in London

The first cargo train from China has arrived in London
The train took off on 1st of January from Chinese province Zhejiang on the far eastern part of the People's Republic of China. The trip through the whole Eurasia took 18 days. The train's journey was going through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belorussia, Poland, Germany, Belgium and France. In total, during 18 days, the train has covered 12 000 kilometers. The cargo consisted primarily from the clothes items and mass-consumption products produced in China. In total, the train has delivered to the United Kingdom 34 containers with products.
It is expected that the trains would go by this route on a weekly basis. The authors of this idea highlight that transportation of goods by train is much faster than by sea and cheaper than by plane. The Great Britain became the 18th European country with which China has established the direct railway connection, and London became the 15th European capital, with regular cargo train arrivals.
In recent years, China has expanded its railway connection with the European countries. It was done under the multibillion governmental project "New Silk Route". In June 2016  Europe has received 1881 cargo trains. The railway connection has also a reverse relationship. From Europe to China 502 cargo trains have departed during last year. From Germany trains have been carrying meat products, from France - wine, and from Russia - wood. In total, trains from China are using 40 different railway routes to European cities.

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