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Pets on board: Russian Railways change rules of transporting animals

Pets on board: Russian Railways change rules of transporting animals
Starting on December 13, Russian Railways will apply new rules of transporting animals in long-distance trains.
Passengers will be allowed to transport pets in the 3rd class carriages and sitting carriages of long-distance trains belonging to JSC "Federal Passenger Company" (subsidiary of JSC "Russian Railways") and operating on the territory of Russian Federation. Previously, the service was available only to passengers who paid for the entire cabin. 
It will now be allowed to transport small pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, as well as birds, turtles and fishes. Animals must be transported in special containers (boxes, baskets) of certain size: sum of three dimensions shouldn’t exceed 180 cm. Container should be placed in the space reserved for hand luggage inside the cabin. Besides permitted hand luggage (36 kg) passenger can carry a maximum of two animals occupying no more than one luggage space.
It is not allowed to transport those animals that can be of danger to other passengers (large animals, predators, reptiles, and insects). This restriction does not apply to guide-dogs escorting physically challenged passengers. It is allowed to transport such dogs in any type of carriages. Such dog should have a collar and a muzzle and must stay at the feet of the escorted passenger.
Animal owners must have appropriate veterinary documents and comply with the order and cleanliness in the carriage.
Transportation of animals (except guide-dogs) will be charged separately, amount will depend on the route length. 
Service will be provided in dedicated coaches in each type. Classes will be marked as follows: 3У in 3rd class; 2Ð’ and 3Ж in sitting carriages. For the moment tickets of these classes are sold only in ticket-offices located at train stations. 

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