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Novosibirsk - the Akulinin Museum of Railway Equipment

Novosibirsk - the Akulinin Museum of Railway Equipment

There's a lot to see on Trans-Siberian, and if you are planning to make a stopover in Novosibirsk we highly recommend visiting the Museum of Railway Equipment - a very particular place that will surely enrich your Trans-Siberian experience.

The Museum of Railway Equipment has been established by West Siberian Railway in 2000. This museum has a unique expositions, comparing to similar museums in other Russian cities. Variety of exhibits, including the collection of retro-cars and tractors, differentiate it from other museums. The idea of museum belonged to the Akulinin, the descendant from the family of rail-workers.

Akulinin's idea was supported by the railway management, and it became possible to establish the museum. Museum received the name of Akulinin, and had been under his supervision for 9 years. Akulinin was very much against the initiative to name the museum after him, but the railway management had been insisting.

The open-air museum stretches across 3 km territory. Here people are able to see steam locomotives, diesel and electric locomotives, carriages and maintenance vehicles that worked on Siberian railway at different times. In total, more than 100 exhibits are present in the museum. The most interesting object is - steam locomotive "Provorniy", which was operating in Russia in 19th century. In the museum everyone can witness the development path of the Russian railway. Visitors are also able to see such cars as "Moskvich", "Pobeda", "Volga" and even american Dodge and different tractors, loaders and other special-purpose equipment.

The entrance to the museum and photography is subject for a small fee. With the excursion, visitors are able to enter several carriages, among which are the private carriage of Leon Trotsky, restaurant and operating carriage.

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