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First double-decker train with seats

First double-decker train with seats

Double-decker carriages with seats are a unique invention for Russia. Before, we have already highlighted the appearance of the double-decker trains on the routes Moscow - Adler, Kazan, and St. Petersburg. In previous cases they were composed of sleeping carriages, equipped with berths, but now they are presented in a version suitable for the short day trips, where berths are substituted with seats.

The first 'firmenny' (branded) double-decker train with seats will appear on the route Moscow - Voronezh. The train #45/46 will be launched on 31st of July 2015. This train will be the fastest on the route. The ride from Moscow to Voronezh will take just 6 hours 35 min. Along the way train will make several stops in Ryazan, Michurinsk and Gryazi Voronezhskaya.

In the new train, each seat is equipped with the folding table, electric slot and a lamp. The 1st class seats have rotation capacity of 180º, which enables passengers to face the direction of the train at any moment. All carriages have space for luggage, in addition to that, the 1st class carriages also provide wardrobes. In the 1st class compartments for two, passangers will be able to enjoy an installed monitor with media content for entertainment and button to call a train attendant; such compartments are also equipped with the sofa and pull-out table. All carriages are equipped with air conditioning, energy-saving lamps, hygene-efficient WC, and have a reduced noise level.

Get ready to be whisked along on a smooth and magical ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

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