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Enjoy the scenery of the vast plains as you travel along the Trans-Manchurian railway from Moscow to Beijing
Offering the lowest prices available for Trans-Manchurian express tickets

Trans-Manchurian Trains

There is only one Trans-Manchurian train on the Moscow to Beijing route. It runs once a week in both directions. Trans-Manchurian train tickets can only be issued as paper tickets. You can either pick them up in our Moscow and Beijing offices or we can deliver them to you. Although the Trans-Manchurian train route is longer than Trans-Mongolian one, it can be a good solution for those travelers who don’t want to apply for Mongolian transit visa (frequently these visas are not necessary, please check with the Mongolian Embassy nearest you). Please read on to learn more about the Trans-Manchurian train journey.

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Vostok train

Train Departure Arrival Trip Duration
020Щ 23:45 Moscow Yaroslavsky 05:49 Beijing 146:04
019Ч 23:00 Beijing 14:13 Moscow Yaroslavsky 139:13
Vostok train

Train 19/20 Vostok train (translated as the East) began operating on Moscow to Beijing route in 2001. It is a Trans-Manchurian train and therefore does not pass through Mongolia. The train covers 8961 km in 6 days. Vostok train is quite modern with comfortable 1st and 2nd class compartments and a good restaurant.
Wheels are changed on the boarder between Russia and China. Passport control takes place in Zabaikalsk and Manchzhuria and takes approximately 10 hours.

Travel the route of the ancient caravans as you sit back and relax on the Trans-Manchurian train
Trans-Manchurian train tickets at the lowest prices available on the Internet

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