Express train


every day

Travel time
9 hours

650 km

at niight

The Express Train (N 003/004) is a daily, overnight train running between Moscow and St. Petersburg.  It departs from both Moscow and St. Petersburg at 23.30 and arrives 9 hours later at 08.30.

The train has VIP first-class, first-class and second-class carriages.  The VIP first-class cabins have two berths, a lower berth with a width of 110 cm and an upper berth with a width of 83 cm. Each cabin has a private toilet with shower and washbasin, TV and DVD player, a wardrobe and an individual air conditioning system. One meal, a personal hygiene kit and bedlinen are included in the ticket price. Children under 10 can travel with 2 adults in the VIP 1st class compartment free of charge.

The regular first-class cabin has two sleeping berths 83 cm wide, one above the other. Each cabin has a sink, a fold out chair with table and a TV set. A hot breakfast, personal hygiene kit and bedlinen are included in the price of the ticket.  The second-class cabin has two lower and two upper sleeping berths, each berth is 70 cm wide. Bed linen and a hot breakfast are included in the ticket price.
The train has a restaurant car with a wide range of main courses, salads, desserts and soft and alcoholic drinks. Passengers can enjoy a meal either in the restaurant car or order it to their cabin.  All carriages are equipped with a fire alarm. Safety of passengers on the whole route is ensured by security officers or railway police.


St. Peterburg Moscovsky
Moscow Leningradsky
Moscow Leningradsky
St. Peterburg Moscovsky

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