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Customer Reviews

ASTA – the American Society of Travel Agencies

Trans SIberian Express is owned by Express to Russia, Trans-Europe Express LLC and is a member of ASTA (the American Society of Travel Agents). Offering excellent customer service is extremely important to us. We promise to give our all to offer you the best service possible and to make your time in Russia a wonderful experience. Below are some things our past clients have said about our services. We also have past customers who are willing to talk about their experiences with our company. If you would like these references, please contact us and we will put you in touch.

Hello Elena,

We were very happy with all arrangements and enjoyed our couple of weeks in Russia.

The improvement in infrastructure in Moscow and St.Petersburg since my last visit 10 years ago, has been remarkable.

Irkutsk is a lovely city and we enjoyed our 4 days there.Lake Baikal is well worth a visit.

The Russian people were extremely friendly throughout.

The Trans Siberian was a great experience and fulfilled our dreams. The scenery and ever changing vistas were spectacular.

The train facilities were adequate but perhaps a shower facility in 1st Class would have been nice.

I will recommend your services in the future,

Best Regards,

John, Australia

After getting retired from my service last year at the age of 60 , I made the “ Round the world trip ” with my spouse in last summer of 2015 to have a vacation with my sister in USA.

It was my long lasting desire to visit Russia to pay homage for their help in our freedom, post-war rehabilitation. I determined to do the Trans-Siberian Railway journey in the next winter, lest I might be unable to do it due to my aging.
I could not make my spouse agree to accompany me. So I started to find the possibilities.
I went to the google chrome browser and wrote Trans-Siberian Railway. Thousands of links popped out. But I chose one which is a Russian company. You can have 24 hours service from them. The link is http://www.transsiberianexpress.net/

The link described
TransSiberianExpress.net has been selling discount tickets on the Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian train routes for 10 years as well as offering Trans Siberian rail tours – both fully customized and group tours.TransSiberianExpress.net is dedicated to bringing you up to date information on Russian train tickets and Russian train schedules. Over the years we have helped thousands of customers with their Siberian train travel arrangements. To begin, just enter your route information in to our train ticket search engine and submit. Please be aware that frequently, trains do not leave every day, therefore you may have to enter in a few dates to find exactly the train that you are looking for.

TransSiberianExpress can deliver your tickets to your home or office.

There were only 2nd class and 3rd class compartments when I did my journey. There were coups for four person ( two upper and two lower berths ). The lower berths are more expensive than the upper berths which is reasonable. The fare is same for the Russians and the foreigners and it is determined on the day of selling the ticket. Usually the tickets are sold 45 days before the journey. At present, they have added 1st class 2 berth coup in the train.

Usually, The Trans-siberian express company helps you in getting visa for Russia but the facility is not available for Bangladesh.
Finally I managed to get the visa for Russian Federation from Dhaka.

Experience in the train

I knew the scripts of Russian language so I could read the names, could say something (very poor) in Russian though I worked with Russians for 3 years in Bangladesh.

you have to keep your passport and tourist voucher with you always.
When I left Moscow hotel, they gave me a piece of paper and advised me to show if it is needed.

Usually the rooms are gender sensitive. But a 78 yrs. Old lady was with me in the lower berth. One boy who works in the Rail company accompanied me upto Vladivostok who spoke good English. The Russians are very friendly.

In many stations, the train stopped for more than 15 minutes. You can do errands, walk in open air in the platform and have cigarettes.

You will get any drinks, food from the attendants. They are two in number. Hot water Jar (Samovar) is open to all and free. For any problem, you ask the attendant, you will get the service. The room temperature is from 26 to 29 C

The dining room was next to our compartment. You can go through the compartments while the train is running.

The food is not very expensive in the train but I would suggest to have some with you.

I received the copy of train ticket by the company by e-mail. I had to just print it. Color print is better.

For me , the Journey was excellent with the old woman, little children and the young people.
I experienced -38C in New Zealand which was artificial. But in Russia it was -30C which was natural. I expected -62C .

I do not know how 7 days and 6 nights passed away to reach Vladivostok. Good people, books and a laptop is the answer.

Abdus Salam Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dear Elena,
Thanks for arranging my tickets to Saint Petersburg & back smoothly & professionally.
Wish you and your company the very best.
With best regards

Anjum, India

Dear Ms Elena,

We just arrived from this wonderful trip through Russia,Mongolia and China!
No words to describe our satisfaction! Everything went in a perfect way!
All guides, arranged by Express to Russia and local representatives, were full knowledgeable.
Congratulation and we are open to giving all recommendations regarding your company.

In special, give to Miss Asya our bests thanks for the full assistance.

Bests Regards


Humberto, Brazil

We booked our train from Moscow to St Petersburg using tour operator Express to Russia. I must state how impressed and pleased we were by the efficiency and help we received in booking our train. The journey itself was excellent, and the first class service superb. We will certainly use Express to Russia again in the future. H & K Bessos

Hagop Bessos, UK

Большое спасибо. Thank you very much, Express to Russia , for your perfect service in getting me my invitation, voucher and TransSib tickets. No stress whatsoever!

Yves Goovaerts, Belgium

Dear Asya,

Je tiens à vous dire combien j'ai apprécié vos services, tant pour l'obtention - si compliquée - des invitations nécessaires pour les visas que pour l'achat des 7 billets de train de notre périple de Moscou à Vladivostok. Merci encore à Ekaterina Statsura - pour les vouchers- et à Ksenia Distryanova - pour les billets. Tout s'est bien passé, obtenir les "vrais " billets à Moscou n'a posé aucun problème et nous avons faits un superbe voyage.
Je ne sais si vous pourrez utiliser ce courrier sur votre site mais si c'est possible je recommande vivement votre agence aux éventuels lecteurs.

Avec mon meilleur souvenir

Anne, France

Thanks a lot for your help of booking the Train from Moscow to St. Petersburg . Everything just went acording to the plan ! :-)

Helder Cruz, Portugal

Hi Asya,

I'm back from my trip to Russia and would like to say thank you again for your incredible service and support. I'll certainly recommend Express to Russia whenever I have the opportunity to.

Thanks again, best regards,

Marcio Leibovitch, Brazil

Thanks for helping me out so much in Russia! Made my trip so much easier not having to worry about all the small things. :)

Emily Sorrells, USA

Thanks so much for booking tickets for me on the Trans-Mongolian rail! Your site gave me the best prices, which meant that I could save more money for the rest of my trip, and I found the whole process to be relatively simple and straight-forward. Thanks again!

Catherine Fullarton, Canada

Our visas (letters of invitation) and train tickets, booked through Express to Russia, were processed efficiently and we had no problems when using them (to get our Russian visas and when catching the trains) - The train rides from Helsinki to St Petersburg and then Moscow are fabulous in winter by the way - The letters of invitation were really helpful, particularly as it enabled us to make our own bookings for accommodation (online before) and tours (when in St Petersburg and Moscow), which saved us a lot of money and gave us the flexibility we wanted. Definitely would recommend Express to Russia.

Allister Hill, Australia

Thank you for your great service. We came back to Japan and start my work this year. I very very very happy with the trip. If will visit again Russia or neighbor countries use your WEBSITE again. and talk to my friend. Thanks again. I hope your business more success.

Yuichi Yamamoto, Japan

I had an incredible experience with Express to Russia. Read about it on my blog! Thank you guys!!

Danielle Novack, USA

I have used your service three times for obtaining one month tourist visa. Your service is really express, cheap and working solution for obtaining visa to Russia! Voucher was accepted at embassy without problems. Thank you! Next time again with you

Tetrao Tetrix, Czech Republic

Your website made my trip to Russia easier. It's not so obvious to buy train or airplane tickets to and from Russia when we're abroad. Would recommend you to anyone!

Aileen Zancanaro Carniel, Brazil

You're really good and thank you for the support I received from you.

Aleksander Janik, Poland

We express our warmest thanks to Express to Russia for providing tickets for the Transsiberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing with a stop in Ulan-Bator. Their service was fast, friendly and always correct. They helped us out of the diverse situations we experienced when we applied for visas. The embassy officers required invitations, copy of tickets, stamps and signatures. And this is not easy deliver if you're not prepared when you finally come to the end of the line. Express to Russia provided immideate answer with the right documents, so that we could avoid queing for days. We were impressed, and felt we had made new personal friends in this travel agency.

Paal Mork, Norway

Asya, thanks so much for your help in organizing my first trip to Russia and specially St. Petersburg. I loved every moment of it and hope to come back soon.

Maud Dinand, USA

Thanks again for the help with your services! You truly made it an easy process, and with such little time!! I will definitely be using your services in the future!!

Daniel Garcia, USA

During our recent trip to St. Petersburg we used your services and we very happy with them. Our train tickets arrived at our hotel on time and as expected. I would recommend your services to anyone going to Russia. We will use your services again. Thank you.

Doug Johns, USA

I am very impressed with your services and very quick replies to any of the questions I had relating to my recent trip from St Petersburg to Moscow and on to Ulan bataar, thanks a loy!

Chantale Delrue, Belgium

Express to Russia was simple and professional and yet personable. they always answered messages and questions and delivered our train tickets as promised.

David Diamond, Canada

I was recently in Russia for an extended stay and used Express to Russia for part of my trip. They were extremely helpful, professional, and overwhelmingly prompt in my requests for information! I highly recommend Express to Russia!

Kathy Hotelling, USA

Thank you to everybody at Express to Russia for assisting with tickets for the overnight train from Riga to Saint Petersburg and the express train from Saint Petersburg to Helsinki. The arrangements were first class and we had a very good travelling experience.

Andrew Lake, UK

Worked with me to obtain tickets to Helsinki. Thanks.

Ann Feyerherm, USA

I really owe your company a great thank you. Within just a few hours of arriving in Russia, we made our way to Red Square. Within minutes one of our group, lost their passport. The next day your company called and told me that someone had found the passport and had called your company. I really appreciate your help and the extra trouble to help get this passport back to us. We visited Moscow briefly and then went to St. Petersburg. We really enjoyed St. Petersburg.
I will be glad to recommend your company.

Let me know how I can help.

Alfred Paul Franks, USA

Thank you for organising my recent train tickets from St Petersburg to Moscow. I was having so many problems before your site was recommended to me by a St Petersburg guide. Everything from that point was easy and well organised. All of the paperwork was explained really well also. Good luck. X

Lee-Anne Smith, Australia

Dear Asya,
We woul like to thank you too. Our train trip from St. Petersburg to Moscow was a total success. The train is excellent and was a wonderful experience spending a night on these historical rails.
Your country is fascinating and we had a great time there. It was a privilege to go to places that played such important role on the History of the 20th Century! I wish we had more time to visit other cities and historical places.
Yes we will reccomend Express to Russia to everyone and will give all the positive exposure we can on the Internet.

Josй A Fernandes, Brazil

Alyona and Asya,

Anyway, I just wanted you both to know that all four Driskills had a wonderful time both in Russia and Mongolia. Everything went just perfectly with the Train # 4 two compartments in 1st class, wonderfully clean and with two ladies assigned to each coach, they kept it clean and immaculate. Also the dining car was wonderful, we ate breakfast and dinner there every day plus we were able to purchase snacks at the short stops along the way. AND scenery was tremendous. Oh what a wonderful trip. Recommend that you strongly suggest your guest stay at the Moscow Hilton due to ease of access to the train evening of departure. Check out at mid-day, store luggage at hotel, come back late and walk across the street to the train station. Everything worked exactly as you outlined it. Most highly recommend to all and I have a ton of small pointers that you can’t get out of a book if anyone ever wants specifics.

In Mongolia, everything was perfect. The guide and driver were there at 0630am to meet us when our train pulled into UB. Took us to hotel, checked in at 7am, bath, breakfast and off on tour of UB at 9am. We never slowed down. The Michelle was clean nice hotel and met our needs. Nothing fancy, but plenty of hot water for shower (that’s important). The Blue Sky looked really cool, but not sure it would be worth another $100 per person to stay there. If could get it for less would be worth it, maybe co should explore contact. Anyway, we loved staying in the Ger Camps. All three of them were tremendous and our big fear was diffused each time because the all had very nice Western Style toilets. Super fun riding horses and maybe you should consider adding in a camel ride, we did that too and it was a treat. Loved seeing all the temples, but best of all was the guide and driver. They took care of everything including staying with us at the airport until we had to go to gate. Also, really did need a heavy duty SUV and that’s what they used. We did a lot of off country and rough roads. Had it been rainy season, could not have made it without an SUV such as you all provided. We were fortunate to only have one day of rain and our competent driver never got us stuck. Mongolia has scenery unmatched any were and we have been almost everywhere so are comfortable making the statement. What a blast. Is a perfect private tour for four or five, Ok for family with younger kids or OK for adult singles traveling together. Safe, comfortable, informative, close to nature and recommended to all.

Bless you all’s heart.

Thomas Driskill, USA

Dear Ekaterina,

Thank you for the extremely fast dispatch of the above-mentioned tourist voucher. You and Olga, the lady I spoke with earlier, provided an excellent service!

With best regards

Carl Lauer, Netherlands

Our experience with Express to Russia was very good. Our travel was worry free and very comfortable. I would gladly recommend Express to Russia to others.
Thank you,

Penne Duncan, USA

I received my Business Visa today and would like to Thank You
and your Company VERY much for your good,clear and fast service.
If I Need you again in the future I will defenately use You again and
also I will recommend your company to other Business people that
need to travel to Russia.
Thanks again and Many Good wishes from Sunny Australia,

Bolshoye Spasiba

Chandra F Buffart, Australia


Many thanks for booking our train tickets from Riga to St Petersburg and sending us the visa invitations. Our trip went very well and we had a great time in your marvelous city.

I posted my comments on your Facebook site.


Pierre-Yves Bely, France

Dear Asya

Very many thanks for this email. I have just returned from an excellent 3 week stay in Russia and China (the Trans-Sib got me to Beijing) and want to sincerely thank you for handling the visa invitations and train tickets. You were patient in answering my many questions and your website was handy as I got some ideas of things to take/do on the train. As a result, the train trip was a real highlight of my journey and something I will cherish for many years.

I will be sure to recommend your site to other travellers and wish you and your company all of the best for the future!

Kind Regards

Hugh Freese, South Africa

Dear Elena,

All our tickets were perfect and the information provided by your company is the best we have found from any Russian ticket company in the last 10 years. I shall certainly be using your service again.

I will be writing personally to Alyona Gerun to thank her, but I’d like you to know that she couldn’t have been more helpful in organising our tickets and she was always quick to answer e-mails and provide information and support.

Best wishes,

Henry Drake, UK

Hi Elena,

My wife, friends and I were very pleased with the service that you offered and everything went very smoothly – first class. We would definately use you again.

Good luck with your business,

Paul Swindell, UK

We had a very pleasant stay. I have used your service several times in St Pete and Moscow, and will continue to do so. I live in Moscow and sometimes have visitors.

Alexander Higgs, Australia

Thanks for all your help. We´re very pleased with the service your firm has provided and will revert to you when we next have a requirement.

Simon Waldron, UK

Dear Nastya, I just got all tickets by FedEx. Thank you so much. Perfect service.

Tatiana Bendioukova, Russia

Dear Nastya,
I finally have the time to send you this message to thank you for everything.
Everything has worked out well: getting the tickets in Moscow, the train, the trip ; and everything was exactly how you said it, especially regarding the two-berth cabins.
The trip was great and memorable, crossing the borders was an interesting experience, and arriving in Beijing was overwhelming.
Thank you for having answered all our questions very quickly, with enormous patience and precision.
If anybody asks us about how to get tickets for the Transsiberian or any other train in Russia, I will give them your name.

Patrick Leitner, Austria

Dear Nastya, Thank you for making the process simple. It will make our trip much more enjoyable!

Tosha Kranz, USA

Nastya, I am back in the US now.
I just wanted to let you know that the deluxe train accommodations on the trip to St. Petersburg from Moscow were terrific. We had a great experience.
Thanks for your assistance.

Madeleine Johnson, USA

I am writing because I appreciate very much what Ms Nastya and Ms Irina from your company have done to help me during my first visit in Russia few weeks ago. I am a businessman from Hong Kong and that´s first time travelling in Europe from London to Moscow.
I was greatly impressed by your staffs´ helpful and polite manner especially when i found nobody on the street can speak English. They help me a lot on finding the booking info of the trans Siberian train ticket from Moscow to Beijing. Even if i didn´t buy the ticket finally, they also helped me to find the way to my hotel and the train to my next destination. What they have done shows that your company is a very professional travel agency. They deserves praise for what they have done.

It is your good service that help you set up a world reputation. For this reason, I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks and hope that your company will have a brighter future.

Iam Ken, HongKong

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