Moscow - Yekaterinburg trains

Journey from Moscow to Yekaterinburg on the Transsiberian train. Ekaterinburg is the entry point to Asia, one of Russia's largest cities and is historically important for its association with Russia's last Tsar.

Premium Yekaterinburg - Moscow

Yekaterinburg – Moscow train #15/16 has a good reputation and a very friendly staff. This Russian train has economy and business class carriages with 1st and 2nd class compartments. It is also possible to order additional services from the conductor such as hot meals. Some of the carriages have Internet access and satellite TV and, of course, the train has a good restaurant car. learn more

Premium Yekaterinburg - Moscow

  • 016Е
    Trip time: 27:41 hours
  • 015Е
    Trip time: 23:18 hours

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