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  Trans Siberian Express » Russian News and Stories » The people of the Primorye have chosen the best places of the region

The people of the Primorye have chosen the best places of the region

The people of the Primorye have chosen the best places of the region

The main attractions, the historical figures, and events of the Primorsky Krai were appointed through the public voting. The competition was arranged by the Assembly of the Primorye. The event was held in 3 steps, the collection of the suggested places, the arrangement of the top-list and the voting itself.
It took approximately one month to search and gather opinions of Primorye people and getting to know what are the best places of an area. As a result, three winners were selected: The Russian and the Golden Bridge, the Petrov Island, the Marine reserve of Khasansky district.
Russian and Golden Bridges
First of all, both of these bridges have a unique length. The Golden Bridge was selected among 5 the longest cable-stayed bridges in the world and has 2.1 km in length, while the Russian Bridge is 3.1 km long.
The idea of connecting two districts of Vladivostok, separated by the Golden Horn Bay and the Bosphorus Strait have been somehow in the air from the middle of 20th century. Nikita Khrushchev, who has been a head of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, already had an idea of transforming Vladivostok into the second San-Francisco. Nonetheless, the agreement on construction of the cable-stayed bridges was made only in 2000 and accomplished in 2012.
Petrov Island
The island is a national reserve. Only rare people are lucky enough to reach this place. The administration has extremely strict rules on regulation of the tourist attendance in order to preserve a unique ecosystem of the island. The whole space is like a natural botani? garden, with 400 different plant species. Such variety of plants is possible due to the fact that this spot has not been touched by the ice age and many ancient species were able to survive.
The Island was named after the admiral of Russian fleet Alexander Petrov and is located in the Russian waters of the Japanese sea. The closest big city to the island is Nahodka. At the earlier times, the island was populated and was used as a fortification. 
The Marine Reserve
The Far-East Marine reserve was established in 1978. The reserve protects 40% of the plant species typical for the Primorsky Krai. The complete list of birds amounts to 370 species. The reserve has a rare combination of boreal-arctic and sub-tropical fauna. Among main objects of protection are: Far Eastern Sea cucumber, Kamchatka crab, Giant octopus, Spotted seal, Coastal scallop, and seabird colonies. Such rare species as Matteuccia orientalis, Teucrium, Limonium tetragonum are protected only in the Marine Reserve in the Khasanskiy district.


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