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  Trans Siberian Express » Russian News and Stories » The Wooden Jar Yard to appear in Taltsy Museum near Irkutsk

The Wooden Jar Yard to appear in Taltsy Museum near Irkutsk

The architectural-ethnographic museum Taltsy will be expanded with the new exposition space. This museum is a part of all Trans-Siberian tour programs. Here, visitors will be able to hear stories about drinking establishments of the 17th century in the new Wooden Jar Yard and play a chuck-a-luck game. Earlier, such yards were almost in every town. The wooden jar yards are the older version of the contemporary bars and cafes. 
The wooden jar yard, or simply a tavern, will be located in Ilimskiy ostrog (wooden fortification). Of course, alcohol will be excluded from the museum's menu, but some soft beverages as a local specialty, herbal tea with berries, will be offered. The local wild growing herbs include a thyme, Rhododendron Adamsii, leaves of the wild raspberry. 
In Ilimskiy Ostrog tavern appeared in the 17th century. The spirits were delivered here from the European part of Russia. In 1706, the local distillery house started to operate. The Wooden Jar Yards belonged to the czar and were sponsored from the czarist treasury. Of course, taverns tried to use all possible tricks to keep the customers, and different types of entertainment were invented for this reason. Here people were exchanging information, played card and chuck-a-luck games. Typically, only men could visit such establishments; women from the wealthy families were restricted to set a foot in such places.


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