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The longest train journey in the world runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. Experience it with us.
Offering Moscow to Vladivostok train tickets at extremely low prices

Moscow – Vladivostok train

The longest train route in the world runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. Taking this Trans Siberian train you will see Russia's great diversity with its multiple time zones, stunning landscapes and get a chance to meet many interesting people.

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#100/099 train

#100/099 train
№ 100Э
Moskva Iaroslavskaia - Vladivostok
Departure Moskva Iaroslavskaia: 00.35
Arrival Vladivostok: 20.13
Trip Duration: 163:38
№ 099Э
Vladivostok - Moskva Iaroslavskaia
Departure Vladivostok: 16.55
Arrival Moskva Iaroslavskaia: 11.03
Trip Duration: 178:28

The train #100/099 is operating on the route Moscow - Vladivostok once in two days. Its schedule changes throughout the year. Making 120 stops on the route train crosses the distance of 9300 km.
Only 2nd and 3d class carriages are available on this train.
This train offers lower ticket prices than a firmenny train #001/002 Rossiya. You can check the schedule and prices of this Russian train on our website!

Rossia train

Rossia train
№ 002М
Moskva Iaroslavskaia - Vladivostok
Departure Moskva Iaroslavskaia: 13.50
Arrival Vladivostok: 13.10
Trip Duration: 143:20
№ 001М
Vladivostok - Moskva Iaroslavskaia
Departure Vladivostok: 04.02
Arrival Moskva Iaroslavskaia: 06.01
Trip Duration: 136:11

A journey on the Trans-Siberian Express Rossia is the longest train ride in the world. The train departs from Yaroslavskiy train station and is decorated in typical Russian style including its trademark gold and red colors. The train is considered one of the best trains in Russia in terms of service, friendliness of staff and upkeep.
The train has 1st, 2nd and 3d class compartments.
1st class compartments are decked out in Russian style in red and gold colors. 1st class tickets are available with and without meals. Bed linen, a personal hygiene set, the latest press are all included in the price of all 1st class tickets. Carriage #6 has a compartment equipped for handicapped people.
2nd class compartments have green curtains embroidered with pictures of Russian cities through which the train passes. Second class tickets are available with and without meals. Bed linen is included to the price of all 2nd class tickets.
The train has a nice dining car with a special menu for passengers.
There is a shower in a special carriage that can be used by all passengers.
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Meet the people along the Vladivostok – Moscow train route as you travel along the Trans Sib.
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